Catálogo dos Deltocephalinae (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) neotropicais (incluíndo o norte do México). Parte I — Athysanini e Deltocephalini excluídos

Keti M.R. Zanol


In the General Catalogue of the Homoptera (METCALF, 1967)
contains 36 genera and 215 Neotropical species, including north of
Mexico distributed within 10 tribes (two genera and six species in
Euscelini, one genera and one species in Colladonini, one genus
and one species in Goniagnathini, four genera and 52 species in
Acinopterini, one genus and one species in Cicadulini, four genera
and 80 species in Scaphytopiini, five genera and 32 species in
Balcluthini, one genus and one species in Macrostelini, three   genera and five species in Platymetopiini and 14 genera and 82 species in Scaphoideini). However, since 1967 many papers on Neotropical Deltocephalinae have been published including classification and nomenclatorial alterations, new taxa and geographical distribution. The complete bibliography of the leafhopper literature up to 1955 can be found in the General Catalogue of the Homoptera, Fascicle VI, Part 10 (METCALF, 1962-1968). OMAN et al. (1990) published a complete list of the world genera of Cicadellidae and the bibliography between 1955-1985. In this work are recorded 21 Neotropical subfamilies, 16 Neotropical tribes and 184 Neotropical genera (one genus in Acinopterini, one genus in Cicadullini, one genus in Cerrillini, six genera in Hecalini, one genus in Luheriini, two genera in  Doraturini, two genera in Stenometopiini, four genera in Scaphytopiini, two genera in Platymetopiini, six genera in Scaphoideini, one genus in Balcluthini, seven genera in Macrostelini, two genera in Opsiini, one genus in Penthimiini, 40 genera in Deltocephalini and 107 genera in Athysanini); eight genera without references about the tribe. Another subfamily and genus were added by GODOY & WEBB (1994). This catalogue is an attempt to offer the names and bibliographic references for taxa of Deltocephalinae (Caribbean, Central America and South America). After each species-group name, the type locality, and an
abbreviation of the institution where the type is deposited, are given. The geographical distribution is based upon previously published records. Each species-group name is followed by the informations including of the author (s), publication year and page and when not strictly taxonomical, an abbreviated indication of the matter treated such as: cat. — catalogue, desc. — description, distr. — geographical distribution, ill. — illustration, rev. — revision, syn. — synonymy, tax. — taxonomy.


Catalogue; Deltocephalinae; Hemiptera; Cicadellidae

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